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ARC HARIMA CO., LTD. (“We”) complies appropriate protections of personal information which obtain by our business based on the following privacy policies.

Observation of the Protection of Personal Information
We endeavor to protect personal information by observing the Private Information Protection Law and the guidelines.
Acquisition of the Personal Information
We acquire personal information in a fair and lawful manner.
Use of Personal Information
We use personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes. We also may delegate the handling of personal information to the related organization or the third party. We will supervise the entity entrusted by it with necessary and adequate care by selecting appropriately and concluding a contract to ensure appropriate handling, including supervision of any entity entrusted.
Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Party

We will not disclosure or provide any acquired personal information to any third party without the consent of individual except where:

  1. Such disclosure or provision is required in accordance with laws and regulations
  2. Such disclosure or provision is necessary to protect life, the human body or property
  3. It is necessary for us to cooperate with government authorities, local public organization, such as police and court, by disclosing or providing
Joint Use of Personal Information
We will use the personal information by announcing on the website or giving notice of the items, scope and purpose of Joint Users to the individual.
Appropriate Management of Personal Information
With the aim of appropriately managing personal information, we make its best effort to protect personal information by establishing internal management system and conducting security management procedure, on an appropriate and rational level, to prevent dangers, such as leakage, loss of or damage to such personal information, illicit accesses or computer virus from outsiders.
Use of Statistically-Processed Data
We may, based on personal information provided to it, create statistical data or provide the data to Administrative Institution or any other affiliates which shall be processed in a manner that cannot identify any individual.
Procedures on Disclosure and Correction of Registered Information and Suspension of Use
In cases we receive any requests to disclose, correct, discontinue the use of or delete personal information from an individual, we sincerely response to such request. The request regarding disclosure, correction or discontinuation of the use of personal information will be accepted at the contact number.
Inquire into Maintain Improvement of Personal Information
We will comply with the applicable laws and guidelines, etc., including the Act of Protection Personal Information.
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